Meredith Dittmar is an experienced, talented presentation creative who enjoys helping business executives to communicate their unique stories with style, confidence, and results. She has deep knowledge of PowerPoint including master template setup, embedded color palettes, and slide animation and transitions. Adept at cutting through the clutter and displaying dense data in easy-to-understand slides and graphics, Meredith works quickly for on-time, affordable, and effective communications.
Meredith has worked onsite in corporate DC Beltway settings, traveled with marketing teams for annual conference summits, and worked closely with PR agency groups to create captivating and effective PowerPoint pitch decks. Her design aesthetic features strong, clean layout with heavy use of photography. Her fine art background at the University of New Hampshire informs an artist’s eye for compelling composition, and pairs nicely with a robust understanding of how audiences best absorb information. Simply stated, Meredith loves presentation work. So if you have a presentation project coming up, she’d love hear from you via LinkedIn.

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